Wrestling Prep


      Residential Training

      Residential Training for specified periods of time is a very popular training option. Many former residential training athletes refer to the period of time spent at Wrestling Prep as the most effective or changing for their careers. Most athletes request to repeat residential training and often conclude that it is effective in every aspect possible for wrestling or combat sports that is not possible in traditional training scenarios. 
      Utilizing Wrestling Prep’s private training facility and other venues, the athlete  focus on specialized sequential training and how to apply it to technique that is configured by their body type.In addition, they are exposed to required to experience effective competitive nutrition and other scientific ancillary components for wrestling or combat sports.
      Academics are a Priority. Wrestling Prep has a long history of supporting and developing a commitment to academics and an understanding of the importance of dedication to academic pursuits. The athletes in residence have access to an academic tutor three days a week who works with them to progress their studies and reviews their work. 
      Depending on time of year, the athletes would travel with Coach Carolyn Wester to destination locations for training, competition, fight camps, UFC or Bellator fights. Coach Wester allows the residential athletes to have in depth experiences and exposure to diverse situations and places include colleges and other institutions.  
      Residential pricing is driven by food costs, protein and supplement in take, number of practices per day, travel costs and transportation. For comprehensive details please contact Coach Wester directly.

      Or Call: (650) 245 - 3533