Wrestling Prep


      Match & Film Analysis

      Wrestling Prep specializes in determining continuing pattern in competition where this is an opportunity for improvement and greater success. Coach Wester is able to pinpoint and thoroughly explain what options are available in both offensive and defensive situations and uncovering scenarios of movement to more effectively place the opponent at a disadvantage or an advantage for the athlete to score. 
      Match Analysis includes in depth documented step by step methodology, technique and often additional video for improvement. 
      Once the analysis video is constructed, there is a online review and follow up.
      Wrestling Prep’s interpretation of Match & Film Analysis is progressive and can be new or unfamiliar to many in the sport.  We strongly urge, if there is an interest, to contact Coach Carolyn Wester on 6502453533 or carolynwester63@gmail.com for understanding.
      Pricing for Match & Film Analysis varies and is on a time basis for the review and development of the analysis product and can be determined with a call to Coach Wester.
      Literally, the film is uploaded by you to a specific application and sent to Wrestling Prep. Then it is reviewed, analysised and a resulting video is created.

      Or Call: (650) 245 - 3533