Wrestling Prep

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Training Events

Camps & Clinics

Wrestling Prep has been holding Summer, Holiday and 
Effective, Long Lasting and Specialized Camps have been a tradition of Wrestling Prep since 2006. With literally thousands of participants, Wrestling Prep Summer, Holiday, Weekend and Special Occasion Camps have  played a significant roles in the careers of all levels and skill sets of wrestlers. 

Specialized Training Events with a Specific Focus of Technique or Results. Effective, consolidated and implemented with instruction that allows the athlete to execute immediately.

Season Training

Wrestling Prep offers group practices by calendar quarters and based upon Seasonal Wrestling. 
Fall – Pre Season Wrestling
Winter – In Season Wrestling
Spring – Post Season Wrestling focus on all three styles
Summer – Camps and Extensive Training. World Team Trials, National Championships training. 

Private Training

Individualized training and instruction based on body type and sequential muscle usage. Wrestling Prep and Coach Carolyn Wester are sought across the country for both Wrestling and MMA Fighting. 

Match & Film Analysis

Detailed and solution oriented analysis of training and matches with specific corrections and suggestions for more effective competition.

Residential Training

Athletes may apply for the opportunity to be residential athletes for a set amount of time. Whether homeschooled or on breaks from traditional schooling, athletes train on a daily basis, learn competition nutrition, complete homework, participate in current events and travel with Coach Wester to training events and clinics around the country.