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      About Wresting Prep

      Wrestling Prep is a bi-coastal training and competitive organization for wrestlers and mma fighters of all ages and associations.  Wrestling Prep conducts training events, camps, seasonal practices, residential training and individualized programs on both coasts. While predominantly based in Northern Virginia with a dedicated 10,000 Sq ft facility, Wrestling Prep also conducts training at variegated locations including but not limited to The American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA, and facilities in Las Vegas, NV and the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.  
      Led by Carolyn Wester, a World Class Coach for thousands of wrestlers and professional MMA fighters. Founded in 2005, Wrestling Prep believes in Non-Partisan Wrestling allowing any athlete regardless of educational institution, club affiliation or training organization participation.  Wrestling Prep caters to every age and level of wrestler and fighter with the goal of having them exceed any previous expectation of themselves and that others have of them. 

      Carolyn Wester

      Carolyn Wester is a World Class Professional Combat Sports Coach. Her success and influence reaches through out the United States, Europe, South America and Middle East. Her coaching has succeeded at the highest level of men’s wrestling both in the United States and Internationally and she has been the Chief Corner or Corner in the UFC, Bellator and Invicta in the United States, South America and Europe. With a unique approach and perspective, she is often considered the missing component for success in wrestling and combat sports
      Coach Wester stands alone as a person of her gender to achieve the success as a coach she has at every  level of wrestling coaching and MMA fighting. By many she is considered to have surpassed what most all coaches in her eighteen year career and is often heralded at the highest level of Combat Sport coaches active today. 
      Born in Kentucky and having spent her summers in West Virginia, she excelled as an equestrian and swimmer in her youth. Today Carolyn resides predominantly in Northern Virginia and divides the remaining time between the west coast and other training locations. She has two adult children who also reside on the east coast. 

      Andrew Morgan

      Andrew Morgan began training with Wrestling Prep under Head Coach Carolyn Wester in the summer of 2013 and has continued through out and has served as a coach for many years. Currently he is Spartan Combat RTC Athlete at Cornell University and a Coach.


      Drew has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Trust and Wealth Management, Campbell University, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Campbell University and a Masters of Accounting (MACC), Campbell University. He is 3X Academic All American, First Team NWCA All-American, NCAA Covid All-American, Southern Conference Champion 2020, 2X California State Placer, NHSCA Senior All American, Flo Nationals All American .

      Michael Dinh

      Michael Dinh is amateur MMA Fighter and Wrestler. He is a Northern Virginia native having attended West Springfield HS. In addition, he is the Head Assistant Wrestling Coach at Evergreen Christian School in Leesburg, VA. Michael intends to turn pro in the next few years.

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